A peak into the challenges of running a small business

We absolutely love having our own business. It’s such a fun and productive way to get to use our creative side but - you probably sensed there was a ‘but’ coming ;) -  sometimes its extremely frustrating. So we have this new design that we have been working on that is a spin off of our much loved teething rings. The issue is that we need some new components in order to create them and we had found this perfect little place that could make them for us. We ordered a small sample a while back and it finally arrived. We were so excited cause we wanted to tell you guys about it and show you what we have been working on. Then we opened the first package, and at first they looked great, but then we discovered that almost all of them had sharp edges on one side which were just not acceptable, especially when the product was going to be used for teething! When we brought the issue up to the supplier they attempted to brush it off by saying that we had just gotten unlucky with that batch and that if we had ordered more we would have gotten good ones.  That is just not sustainable behavior for a long term relationship.  We will never sacrifice on our principle of only providing the best for you at all times.  We will never sell things that we do not believe in 100%. Obviously we moved on from that supplier and the time frame has been delayed these cute little goodies that we’ve been working on, but we are fine with that because we would rather take our time to make sure that we deliver only the highest quality products for you and all of our little ones!

Fortunately we have a few other little projects going on and we can’t wait to share them with you as soon as we have one ready, stay tuned for updates! <3

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