A take on Hollywood

Today was an exiting day! We headed down to Hollywood for a casting for one of the kiddos and  of course we had to do a little bit of shooting for the blog as well when we were there :) The casting was for a really interesting company, we’ll reveal which one if he gets it! But there were hundreds of cute little ones, so the competition will be fierce!

So, don’t know if you have ever been to a casting for a large company, but it requires a loooooot of waiting ;) So first you have to find the right studio (which can be a little tricky when there’s so many of them and Hollywood is like the home of photo shoots :D) and once you’ve found it you register and then comes the loooong wait. The kiddos had their own little backpack full of yummy snacks, perfect for keeping the energy level up! Once you're called up you get shown into the actual studio where the shooting takes place. Usually they bring in a couple of kids at the same time so that there’s a constant flow of little ones.

The actual picture taking is pretty quick, only a few minutes and you're done! Which for us meant a long awaited lunch break :D and then back to work! One inspiring story from the day occurred a few numbers before it was our turn when we saw the prettiest little girl being wheeled in on a wheelchair (she suffered from some sort of impairment). It was just beautiful to see one of the largest clothing companies in the world showing that we’re not all molded in the same form, but that we all belong and are beautiful - that’s the kind of world we can be proud of handing over to our children.

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