All about the beech wood

Why have we chosen beech wood out of all the kinds of different woods that are out there? Well, first and foremost because it great for sore little gums and budding teeth to teeth on! 

We use the absolute highest quality of beech wood for our products. Beech wood is eco friendly and actually naturally antibacterial when its left unfinished like ours. We also think the wood is prettier that way with its pale golden tone with those beautiful slightly darker veneers.

Beech wood is also considered a slightly harder wood and has a very high shock resistance which is great when the purpose of it is to be played with by little ones!

Our beech wood items are completely natural products, and as such there might be minor variations in size, shape and grain from item to item. Due to the natural antibacterial properties of beech wood when its left unfinished, we don’t finish our items with anything. However if you would like to add a finish yourself, all edible oils should be suitable. 

We hope this provides you with a little more insight into how and why we choose and treat our products!



Maria & Astrid

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