A couple of weeks ago we introduced Maria, so now it’s time to introduce the second half of the byBabyBubbles team - Astrid!

6 years ago, in 2011, Astrid (like Maria) was also living in Copenhagen, Denmark pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Sociology.  The opportunity to study abroad for a semester presented itself, with the choice of a number of potential locations scattered throughout the United States. Astrid was excited, but had no clue about the final destination that she would pick.  The night before the deadline to hand in the application for a semester abroad, Astrid met with one of her closest friends who was just starting her full Bachelor’s degree in Southern California that same fall. California was not available to Astrid, so she decided to choose Oregon State University as it was in the same time zone as California and this would allow the two friends to visit each other easily! She was accepted and only three days after Astrid arrived in Oregon she met a handsome young man who asked if he could walk her home.  Long story short, Astrid said yes… and when he proposed a year later, she said yes as well! Shortly after, the moving party went to LA.

The dynamism of day-to-day Los Angeles is a sharp contrast to the tranquil Swedish country side where Astrid grew up.  Technically, she grew up on an island of the southern tip of Sweden which is connected to the mainland via a long bridge. The contrasts of the bustling city life in Los Angeles and the secluded countryside in Sweden which she and her husband visit a few times a year is a perfect way of getting the best from both worlds. And in less than two short weeks it’s time for a little summer holiday there, and Maria will hold the fort down for byBabyBubbles ;)

Although Astrid doesn't have a background involving anything related to teething, the business degrees (believe it or not!) have proven valuable when running your own business! We feel that with our different backgrounds and skills we complement each other perfectly and we absolutely love running our little business together <3


Astrid & Maria

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