From the beginning of our byBabyBubbles journey we have always looked forward to the time when all of our items would be branded - and we are finally on our way there which is so exciting!

We finally found suppliers that can brand our items for us while maintaining the high quality that we demand at a cost that doesn’t force us to raise the price point for you, our customers. So the first items that will be branded will be our teething rings, made from perfect organic beech wood with our logo on, they are so cute! We buy the wooden rings and then hand-make the rings with our own silicone bead design.

When we found this new supplier we also found a different size of rings which we have already started to use in our teething rattles!

The next step after the rings will be our pacifier clips which will have our logo on them. We were able to find a great place that can brand them for us, but unfortunately there’s a little bit of delay so we’ll keep you updated on the progress. This way everyone can see that the cute baby accessories you have are byBabyBubbles!


Astrid & Maria

Organic wooden rings with byBabyBubbles logo

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