byBabyBubbles very own little teether shares some tips and tricks

So there’s a lot of opinions regarding teething, are we right? People used to say that teething was nothing, you’ll barely notice! However, I think a few of us can agree that that’s not always the case when your little ones gums are so sore they cry and put anything in their mouths for relief. byBabyBubbles very own little teether is in the middle of it and we thought we’d share some tips and tricks!

While the actual teething start varies from baby to baby, most get their first teeth when they are around four to seven months old.  The first teeth to emerge are usually the front bottom ones (making them look extra cheeky with only one or two teeth ;). 

Experts disagree whether the actual teething causes symptoms of fussiness, irritability, gum swelling and sensitivity, excessive drooling, change in eating habits and a desire to chew and sometimes, night waking.

So, what can you do to help your teething little one? There are a few things that can help relieve your little ones sore gums:

  • Massaging your babies gums by gently rubbing your finger along the gum pads can help soothe those sore gums - this is something that you can start with as soon as the baby is born (doing this will also make the tooth brushing process easier down the road! 
  • As mentioned earlier, a lot of babies in this stage have a tendency to put everything and anything in their little mouths. However, remember to watch out here because biting on hard toys provides a risk to damage incoming teeth. Instead it’s better to give your little one something that’s actually intended to be chewed, such as a teething toy. It should ideally be made out of food grade silicone or natural untreated wood.
  • Chill it! Not chill through your baby’s teething ;) but give your little one something cold, as the cold can help numb your little ones aching gums. It could be a wet cold washcloth, or if your baby eats solids they may get relief from cold foods such as yogurt or applesauce. Also, teething toys can be chilled either in the fridge or if you leave them for a little while in the freezer. All our teething rings, pacifier clips and teething necklaces can be chilled - try it! Just keep in mind not to give your little one anything too cold as that might be counterproductive, and instead actually hurt babies sensitive gums (yes, we’ve all experienced brain freeze at some point!).

Just a little reminder:  remember that the babies should never be left unattended, especially when chewing on something, as pieces of food or a chilled washcloth could present a choking hazard if left unattended, this includes all of our products! And remember, you CAN survive with a little less sleep for a while. There will come times when you’ll be back to your normal sleep routine! You can do it!  

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