So we figured it was time that we introduced ourselves a little more in depth! Well, as you may already know, we're both from Scandinavia - Maria is from Denmark and Astrid is from Sweden. So how on earth did we end up in LA (basically the other side of the world)?!?

Maria was living in Copenhagen, Denmark when one summer a friend of hers called and said that his friend was going to be in Copenhagen for work. He  wondered if Maria might be able to  show him around a bit as it would be his first time in the city and he had a few days to kill. Well, the long story short is that Maria said yes and eight (!) years later she is living in Los Angeles with her beautiful family. That one friend of a friend that she was just going to show around for a day turned into her husband as they fell in love and he proposed! 

Family of dad mom and two children in a sunny place

Their first baby boy was born shortly after she moved to the US - I think you all know how overwhelming the adjustment to baby life, and while dealing with that, Maria was also busy adjusting to living in a completely new country and decided to be a stay at home mom! Four years after baby boy was born, baby girl arrived (who is also our gorgeous little model). During the pregnancy, we (Maria and Astrid) got to talking and came to the conclusion that that we wanted to do something together - and so our magical little project byBabyBubbles was born... and the rest, as they say, is history ;) 

The main focus of byBabyBubbles - teething - is actually close to Maria's professional background, the dental technician field. This synergy has been extremely valuable and a huge blessing for us as it fits into our goal of only providing you with the very best products for your little teethers <3 This way we have our very own in-house teething and dental expert!


Maria & Astrid 

Mom with her boy and baby girl

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