One of our absolute favorite tings!

There are so many things that we love about running a small online shop but one of our absolute favorite things is the connection we get with all you lovely mamas out there. Both through customers and collaborations with you fellow blogging mamas and small shop runners!

Frankly, we wouldn't even want to run an online shop if we weren't able to feel a close connection to you all! The connections we have with you are what truly create the most satisfaction for us at the end of the day! It feels like we get to see little snippets of your lives and its such a great feeling of bonding seeing other mamas out there go through the same milestones, be it with your babies or your businesses or both! And of course, we hope you enjoy following us as much as we do following you! 

Two sweet sisters playing on the floor in a living room

The other thing we absolutely love is seeing our items all over social media! Knowing that our products are out there and helping and facilitating your everyday is amazing as that has been one of our main goals since we started byBabyBubbles! Please show us more - we can never get enough of seeing our byBabyBubbles out there <3


Maria & Astrid

Sisters playing with basket in living room 

Pictures: Chelsea Graves @darling.daughters

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