Sneak peak of new member of the byBabyBubbles family!

We are really excited to present our latest BBB family member to you guys this week and to give you just a little sneak peak before we release it!

The idea for this new product originated in the car (it is LA after all so we do spend a lot of time in the car!) Little baby girl is not a very big fan of long car rides. If you’re lucky she’ll fall asleep, but if not there will be one sad little baby girl in the back seat and there are only two things that’ll make the situation better. The first one is if big brother sing a danish happy birthday song for her or if she gets a bunch of keys. They make an irresistible sound and are so fun to put in your mouth (not!). To solve this problem we created our brand new - here it comes *drum roll* keychain teether!

New key chain teether

The keychain teether is super easy to fit on any key chain and comes in a few different color combinations. They are gorgeously stylish and are made of wood and silicone beads. We think this is a win win win situation - they look super cute on your key chain, they make it easy to find when the keys somehow alway gets lost in the purse (which I swear is more like a black hole), and baby gets to play with the fun keys and have something great to chew and gnaw on!

Stay tuned - the teething keychains will be coming this week!


Astrid & Maria

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