So many irons in the fire!

So we don't know about you guys but we have a tendency to have a thousand things going on at the same time! We are working on some really fun things and we are bursting to tell you but we can’t just yet but trust us you'll be the first ones to know :)

We have a few exciting collaborations going on that will come up in the near future both in regards to launches of new products and improvement of the ones that we have. There will also be some fun giveaways that you won’t want to miss as well as some great offers. So as we’re working on this we’re also working hard to get the new product and a spring collection out there for you as well as getting your orders out of course ;)

Anyway just a little update here from us at byBabyBubbles and we just wanted to wish you a happy Tuesday! 


Astrid & Maria

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