Swedish Midsummer

How is it that when you move to a different country you get so much more patriotic than you would ever be if you lived in your home land?

This weekend its the Swedish Midsummer which is a celebration of the longest day of the year which was actually this Wednesday the 21st.

The Midsummer holiday is one of the most highly celebrated holidays in Sweden with some, well, frankly weird traditions - during the day you all get together and garnish a tall pole with flowers, which you all then proceed to dance around (!). However, before the dancing but after the dressing of the pole comes… lunch!  Boiled potatoes and yep - herring (in my case meatballs as I cannot for the world of me eat that herring which for some reason is a must at any Swedish main holiday!) Side note: my american husband loves the herring so it goes without saying he was welcomed into the family with open arms :D

Anyways, back to the midsummer celebration - after the lunch is the dancing around the pole and games for the kids while everyone is enjoying “fika” (if you don't know what that is it’s the mandatory coffee with something sweet like a cookie). After the eventful festivities of the day, it’s time for some good ol’ BBQ in the evening, which for most of the younger people winds up turning into a party, and no matter the age people stay up late because in Sweden during the summer it doesn't get dark until around 11 pm!! And, according to tradition all girls are supposed to find seven kinds of wildflowers before they go to bed, and pick them and put them under the pillow when they sleep which will make them dream about their future husband! A little too late for me but it’s such a sweet and fun tradition <3

Two girls wearing flower headbands for Swedish Midsummer

(A Midsummer a few years back wearing the traditional flower headbands handmade by yours truly!)

To me it’s funny how those things that are so closely connected to your home country become so much more important when you live abroad. A few years ago if I was in Sweden during Midsummer I would have been fine with not celebrating it and taking a long weekend with several days off, but now that I’m away from home I've spent the last hour googling midsummer celebration Los Angeles!!  I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s ever grown a deeper appreciation for home after living abroad!

Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are enjoying the summer thats finally arrived <3

As always, best wishes from us to you and your little ones. (And as we say in Sweden… Glad Midsommar!)



Astrid & Maria

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