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So we figured it was time that we introduced ourselves a little more in depth! Well, as you may already know, we're both from Scandinavia - Maria is from Denmark and Astrid is from Sweden. So how on earth did we end up in LA (basically the other side of the world)?!? Maria was living in Copenhagen, Denmark when one summer a friend of hers called and said that his friend was going to be in Copenhagen for work. He  wondered if Maria might be able to  show him around a bit as it would be his first time in the city and he had a few days to kill. Well, the long story short is that Maria said yes...

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Single mom for a week and a half

Can’t be that hard, right?! All of you single parents out there are probably laughing out loud right now, because actually, it’s one of the hardest things in the world! Single parents are serious superhuman - our hats are off to all of you amazing single moms and dads! For all of you parents that are not single parents, there will likely still be times where you may not have the other parent around, and will have to make due by yourself, even if it’s just for a few days. You might not ever stop and think about the difference there can be between the two scenarios, but let’s think about it for a moment. Two parents means that you...

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A peak into the challenges of running a small business

We absolutely love having our own business. It’s such a fun and productive way to get to use our creative side but - you probably sensed there was a ‘but’ coming ;) -  sometimes its extremely frustrating. So we have this new design that we have been working on that is a spin off of our much loved teething rings. The issue is that we need some new components in order to create them and we had found this perfect little place that could make them for us. We ordered a small sample a while back and it finally arrived. We were so excited cause we wanted to tell you guys about it and show you what we have been...

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Becoming a new mother

When we first sat down yesterday to write this post, our intent was to create a blog post that would provide all of you expecting mamas with a comprehensive guide to preparing you for having a baby, especially for the first time moms out there. However, after going back and forth we realized that was going to be very difficult to do, because the truth of the matter is that there is no one single “right” way. So what we decided to do instead was to communicate that the most important thing to have when you are preparing for your little one to come into the world is to trust yourself and have confidence that your natural instincts and motherly...

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