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New color sneak peak

We are completely obsessing over these colors at the moment! And yes, we know its still summer (I mean it’s just started!) which is traditionally for more bright energetic colors but we just couldn't wait longer to share these darlings with you! There is one color option missing from this picture (can you guess which one?!) and its such a sweet neutral color that works for both little baby boys and girls. We just love the idea of these naturals and that they work for everyone and really feel that we want to focus on the neutrals as those are y’alls favorites! We will be using them for some new rattle designs that we think you will absolutely love, they...

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So many irons in the fire!

So we don't know about you guys but we have a tendency to have a thousand things going on at the same time! We are working on some really fun things and we are bursting to tell you but we can’t just yet but trust us you'll be the first ones to know :) We have a few exciting collaborations going on that will come up in the near future both in regards to launches of new products and improvement of the ones that we have. There will also be some fun giveaways that you won’t want to miss as well as some great offers. So as we’re working on this we’re also working hard to get the new product...

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A peak into the challenges of running a small business

We absolutely love having our own business. It’s such a fun and productive way to get to use our creative side but - you probably sensed there was a ‘but’ coming ;) -  sometimes its extremely frustrating. So we have this new design that we have been working on that is a spin off of our much loved teething rings. The issue is that we need some new components in order to create them and we had found this perfect little place that could make them for us. We ordered a small sample a while back and it finally arrived. We were so excited cause we wanted to tell you guys about it and show you what we have been...

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Valentines Day <3 sneak peak

Valentine's Day is a one that almost everyone has an opinion about, and our opinion happens to be that it is a beautiful occasion, dedicated to Love - the probably single most significant positive force in the world!  We at byBabyBubbles believe it's a chance to celebrate and pause the hectic everyday life that’s a reality for most of us, and think about all the things we have in life that bring us love, joy and happiness. A loved one, family, good friends, the life we lead - those are all worthy causes to celebrate. If you have even one of those its' a blessing worth celebrating, perhaps even with just a kind word to let the person you are...

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The birth of a baby business

So how does a baby business start? Well, in talking one day, we realized that we had both been thinking for a while that we wanted to do something of our own - and what could be better than to do it with one of your best friends? Some of you might think that mixing business and friendship has been known to be a recipe for disaster. But from our experience, running a business as friends is working really well :) Complete disclosure - we tried to think of a funny story we could tell you about a disagreement, but we could honestly not come up with a single one worth mentioning! Talking about it we came to the conclusion...

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