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So we figured it was time that we introduced ourselves a little more in depth! Well, as you may already know, we're both from Scandinavia - Maria is from Denmark and Astrid is from Sweden. So how on earth did we end up in LA (basically the other side of the world)?!? Maria was living in Copenhagen, Denmark when one summer a friend of hers called and said that his friend was going to be in Copenhagen for work. He  wondered if Maria might be able to  show him around a bit as it would be his first time in the city and he had a few days to kill. Well, the long story short is that Maria said yes...

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The birth of a baby business

So how does a baby business start? Well, in talking one day, we realized that we had both been thinking for a while that we wanted to do something of our own - and what could be better than to do it with one of your best friends? Some of you might think that mixing business and friendship has been known to be a recipe for disaster. But from our experience, running a business as friends is working really well :) Complete disclosure - we tried to think of a funny story we could tell you about a disagreement, but we could honestly not come up with a single one worth mentioning! Talking about it we came to the conclusion...

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