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byBabyBubbles very own little teether shares some tips and tricks

So there’s a lot of opinions regarding teething, are we right? People used to say that teething was nothing, you’ll barely notice! However, I think a few of us can agree that that’s not always the case when your little ones gums are so sore they cry and put anything in their mouths for relief. byBabyBubbles very own little teether is in the middle of it and we thought we’d share some tips and tricks! While the actual teething start varies from baby to baby, most get their first teeth when they are around four to seven months old.  The first teeth to emerge are usually the front bottom ones (making them look extra cheeky with only one or two...

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Tips and tricks for traveling with a baby or two!

We all know that traveling in general demands some kind of planning - determining when your flight/train/bus is leaving, what time you have to be at the terminal to check in and what time you have to leave your house in order to make it (preferably without a stress attack!). Aaaand, what to wear? The constant question - we would say, comfy but still nice looking and most important stain friendly ;) Believe it or not but the stain friendly part is not only kids related but as some of us are a little tiny bit clumsy its easily happened that for example a little chocolate crumb gets lost and ends up where it shouldn't (read: makes a stain). So,...

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So many irons in the fire!

So we don't know about you guys but we have a tendency to have a thousand things going on at the same time! We are working on some really fun things and we are bursting to tell you but we can’t just yet but trust us you'll be the first ones to know :) We have a few exciting collaborations going on that will come up in the near future both in regards to launches of new products and improvement of the ones that we have. There will also be some fun giveaways that you won’t want to miss as well as some great offers. So as we’re working on this we’re also working hard to get the new product...

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Single mom for a week and a half

Can’t be that hard, right?! All of you single parents out there are probably laughing out loud right now, because actually, it’s one of the hardest things in the world! Single parents are serious superhuman - our hats are off to all of you amazing single moms and dads! For all of you parents that are not single parents, there will likely still be times where you may not have the other parent around, and will have to make due by yourself, even if it’s just for a few days. You might not ever stop and think about the difference there can be between the two scenarios, but let’s think about it for a moment. Two parents means that you...

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How are you spending Valentine's Day?

So Valentine’s Day is upon us already tomorrow! How do you guys spend the day? Do you have any traditions that you do every year? As you know neither of us is originally from the US, and in Scandinavia the day hasn't been popular for very long but we still like to celebrate it. However, as of right now we don’t have any grand aspirations. The plan is to work tomorrow during the day, and get all of those Valentine’s orders out. Remember that today and tomorrow are the last days to take advantage of the Valentine’s Day deals! So, back to the topic of how two Scandinavians celebrate the day of love. Maria’s husband is out of town working....

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