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Thoughts from a first-time mom to be

“... so close and yet so so far away” 39+2... That means my due-date is just around the corner. It’s so close and yet so so far away – especially knowing that our little baby girl might not join us before up to 10 days after the due-date. To me, the wait seems completely and utterly impossible right now! I’ve been waiting for so long and it has actually been kind of easy because I’ve been working, but what now?! On maternity leave, there’s nothing left but the wait. As my maternity leave is during the summer holiday, most of my friends are gone to all kinds of excotic places. Everyone is telling me “enjoy a good night’s sleep while...

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Becoming a new mother

When we first sat down yesterday to write this post, our intent was to create a blog post that would provide all of you expecting mamas with a comprehensive guide to preparing you for having a baby, especially for the first time moms out there. However, after going back and forth we realized that was going to be very difficult to do, because the truth of the matter is that there is no one single “right” way. So what we decided to do instead was to communicate that the most important thing to have when you are preparing for your little one to come into the world is to trust yourself and have confidence that your natural instincts and motherly...

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