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Half of byBabyBubbles

So at the moment there’s only half of byBabyBubbles working - or working from LA.  Maria has taken the kiddos and hubby to Copenhagen, Denmark to spend some time with her family and hopefully get some of that beautiful Scandinavian summer while she's there! There is truly nothing more spectacular than the summer nights where the sun stays up till about 11 pm and then rises again around 3 am. Those warm light summer nights are just magical! So if you ever have a chance to go to Scandinavia we’d really recommend summer time - its the best! Anyways, marketing for Scandinavia was not what this post was going to be about but rather that only half of the bybabybubbles team is working!...

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One of our absolute favorite tings!

There are so many things that we love about running a small online shop but one of our absolute favorite things is the connection we get with all you lovely mamas out there. Both through customers and collaborations with you fellow blogging mamas and small shop runners! Frankly, we wouldn't even want to run an online shop if we weren't able to feel a close connection to you all! The connections we have with you are what truly create the most satisfaction for us at the end of the day! It feels like we get to see little snippets of your lives and its such a great feeling of bonding seeing other mamas out there go through the same milestones,...

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From the beginning of our byBabyBubbles journey we have always looked forward to the time when all of our items would be branded - and we are finally on our way there which is so exciting! We finally found suppliers that can brand our items for us while maintaining the high quality that we demand at a cost that doesn’t force us to raise the price point for you, our customers. So the first items that will be branded will be our teething rings, made from perfect organic beech wood with our logo on, they are so cute! We buy the wooden rings and then hand-make the rings with our own silicone bead design. When we found this new supplier...

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Sneak peak of new member of the byBabyBubbles family!

We are really excited to present our latest BBB family member to you guys this week and to give you just a little sneak peak before we release it! The idea for this new product originated in the car (it is LA after all so we do spend a lot of time in the car!) Little baby girl is not a very big fan of long car rides. If you’re lucky she’ll fall asleep, but if not there will be one sad little baby girl in the back seat and there are only two things that’ll make the situation better. The first one is if big brother sing a danish happy birthday song for her or if she gets a...

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So many irons in the fire!

So we don't know about you guys but we have a tendency to have a thousand things going on at the same time! We are working on some really fun things and we are bursting to tell you but we can’t just yet but trust us you'll be the first ones to know :) We have a few exciting collaborations going on that will come up in the near future both in regards to launches of new products and improvement of the ones that we have. There will also be some fun giveaways that you won’t want to miss as well as some great offers. So as we’re working on this we’re also working hard to get the new product...

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