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New color sneak peak

We are completely obsessing over these colors at the moment! And yes, we know its still summer (I mean it’s just started!) which is traditionally for more bright energetic colors but we just couldn't wait longer to share these darlings with you! There is one color option missing from this picture (can you guess which one?!) and its such a sweet neutral color that works for both little baby boys and girls. We just love the idea of these naturals and that they work for everyone and really feel that we want to focus on the neutrals as those are y’alls favorites! We will be using them for some new rattle designs that we think you will absolutely love, they...

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A couple of weeks ago we introduced Maria, so now it’s time to introduce the second half of the byBabyBubbles team - Astrid! 6 years ago, in 2011, Astrid (like Maria) was also living in Copenhagen, Denmark pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Sociology.  The opportunity to study abroad for a semester presented itself, with the choice of a number of potential locations scattered throughout the United States. Astrid was excited, but had no clue about the final destination that she would pick.  The night before the deadline to hand in the application for a semester abroad, Astrid met with one of her closest friends who was just starting her full Bachelor’s degree in Southern California that same...

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So we figured it was time that we introduced ourselves a little more in depth! Well, as you may already know, we're both from Scandinavia - Maria is from Denmark and Astrid is from Sweden. So how on earth did we end up in LA (basically the other side of the world)?!? Maria was living in Copenhagen, Denmark when one summer a friend of hers called and said that his friend was going to be in Copenhagen for work. He  wondered if Maria might be able to  show him around a bit as it would be his first time in the city and he had a few days to kill. Well, the long story short is that Maria said yes...

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Half of byBabyBubbles

So at the moment there’s only half of byBabyBubbles working - or working from LA.  Maria has taken the kiddos and hubby to Copenhagen, Denmark to spend some time with her family and hopefully get some of that beautiful Scandinavian summer while she's there! There is truly nothing more spectacular than the summer nights where the sun stays up till about 11 pm and then rises again around 3 am. Those warm light summer nights are just magical! So if you ever have a chance to go to Scandinavia we’d really recommend summer time - its the best! Anyways, marketing for Scandinavia was not what this post was going to be about but rather that only half of the bybabybubbles team is working!...

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One of our absolute favorite tings!

There are so many things that we love about running a small online shop but one of our absolute favorite things is the connection we get with all you lovely mamas out there. Both through customers and collaborations with you fellow blogging mamas and small shop runners! Frankly, we wouldn't even want to run an online shop if we weren't able to feel a close connection to you all! The connections we have with you are what truly create the most satisfaction for us at the end of the day! It feels like we get to see little snippets of your lives and its such a great feeling of bonding seeing other mamas out there go through the same milestones,...

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