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A couple of weeks ago we introduced Maria, so now it’s time to introduce the second half of the byBabyBubbles team - Astrid! 6 years ago, in 2011, Astrid (like Maria) was also living in Copenhagen, Denmark pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Sociology.  The opportunity to study abroad for a semester presented itself, with the choice of a number of potential locations scattered throughout the United States. Astrid was excited, but had no clue about the final destination that she would pick.  The night before the deadline to hand in the application for a semester abroad, Astrid met with one of her closest friends who was just starting her full Bachelor’s degree in Southern California that same...

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Swedish Midsummer

How is it that when you move to a different country you get so much more patriotic than you would ever be if you lived in your home land? This weekend its the Swedish Midsummer which is a celebration of the longest day of the year which was actually this Wednesday the 21st. The Midsummer holiday is one of the most highly celebrated holidays in Sweden with some, well, frankly weird traditions - during the day you all get together and garnish a tall pole with flowers, which you all then proceed to dance around (!). However, before the dancing but after the dressing of the pole comes… lunch!  Boiled potatoes and yep - herring (in my case meatballs as...

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