The birth of a baby business

So how does a baby business start? Well, in talking one day, we realized that we had both been thinking for a while that we wanted to do something of our own - and what could be better than to do it with one of your best friends?

Some of you might think that mixing business and friendship has been known to be a recipe for disaster. But from our experience, running a business as friends is working really well :) Complete disclosure - we tried to think of a funny story we could tell you about a disagreement, but we could honestly not come up with a single one worth mentioning! Talking about it we came to the conclusion that one of our most important strengths is that we are good at different things so we complement each other!

The idea for byBabyBubbles came around the same time as Maria was expecting her little baby girl (who is also our gorgeous model <3 ). She had been looking around for chew beads but hadn’t really found any that she thought were pretty enough for her little baby girl. She was considering trying to buy loose beads and make a pacifier clip herself, but after some research she had found that she was presented with the choice of buying horrendous colors and design, or very large quantities of customizable pieces (which was too expensive)! And either wasn’t a real option.

At that point, we started talking about it and looked at what was available, and after thinking and talking about it, the idea for our business was born. We said: Let’s try it and see what happens! And byBabyBubbles is what happened!

We started out wanting to create elegant, simple and beautifully functional products that we ourselves would want in our homes, and we are thrilled that you, all of our amazing customers, also want our products in your homes! As Scandinavian natives we strive to continue the traditional Scandinavian style with the warming influence of beachy balmy California, in products that perfectly combine the elements of safety, environmental consciousness, aesthetic elegance, and most importantly, practicality for everyday use.

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  • Rebecca

    What an interesting read! I feel certain that a healthy friendship can be a great strength for such a company. Also having children yourself allows you to put the right kind of products into the world. It will be so much fun to follow your journey <3

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