The secrets of baby mamas purse!

So whats in baby mamas purse? Well, we all know there is a lot of stuff there, and by that I mean A LOT ;) So what is actually in there and what are the things you can’t live without? Here it is!

Diapers - with a little one you you always need to be prepared for a diaper change regardless of where you are, either on a flight, shopping, dinner out or why not when your car breaks down on the freeway in rush hour - you name it!

Baby wipes - for the obvious reason but also because they are serious lifesavers for almost everything, stains on clothes that just magically appeared, hands full of crayon after a day at preschool, quick clean of the house for unexpected guests, the list is so long!

Phone - always good not only for texts calls and of course to check out byBabyBubbles but great emergency entertainment for the little ones.

Wallet - yes we do need to pay for almost everything (unfortunately) so do not forget this one. And, don’t forget your ID.

Keys - yes, been there and had to climb in through the bedroom window with a gardener staring very suspiciously from the other side of the property! So, keys are important!

Extra change of clothes for baby - yes, accidents happen and when they do its a lifesaver for everyone involved to have a set of change of clothes.

Snacks - depending on the age and whether your little one is breast feeding or not, or even if you are, baby food pouch and some crunchy little snacks are always good to keep in your purse.

Swaddle blanket - so great for so many things, covering up when you’re breastfeeding, as a light blanket for little one if it gets cold. It can also stand in as a changing cover! There is just no limit for what they can be used for.

Band-aid - for the little older ones, but for real, a band-aid can fix almost everything!

Toy -  a small baby toy that fits in your purse (preferably from byBabyBubbles!) is great when a little one is getting impatient.

Make up -Yep, that’s for mama cause sometimes you just wanna freshen up and feel like you!

To spare you guys these are the actual things, don't be mistaken, there is a lot more like napkins, quarters, pens, tampons, receipts (btw, don't we all wish they would just disappear?) all scrambling around on the bottom of the purse but that is just not worth going into detail of!


Maria & Astrid

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