Valentines Day <3 sneak peak

Valentine's Day is a one that almost everyone has an opinion about, and our opinion happens to be that it is a beautiful occasion, dedicated to Love - the probably single most significant positive force in the world! 

We at byBabyBubbles believe it's a chance to celebrate and pause the hectic everyday life that’s a reality for most of us, and think about all the things we have in life that bring us love, joy and happiness. A loved one, family, good friends, the life we lead - those are all worthy causes to celebrate. If you have even one of those its' a blessing worth celebrating, perhaps even with just a kind word to let the person you are thinking about know how much they mean to you. We know we have some of those people in our life, without which for example starting this business would not have been possible.  

So despite the sugar shocks that we all risk suffering (read: that we will suffer from eating waaaaaay too much chocolate) on the 14th, we think its a beautiful day for what it represents! We here at byBabyBubbles would like to do our part in making Valentine's Day as special as possible, and as such, we have a little surprise for you that we’ll reveal by Friday this week! What we are able to say right now is that the surprise will include all things pink and red true to the theme of love ;) However, as we were writing this we realized that oooonly having those colors would be  little unfair to all of the little baby boys out there. Because as gender equal the world is, a little baby boy (or baby boy mama) might not want the pink color scale for their little one - we know we wouldn't - so we decided to throw in baby blue in the mix as well! So, if you have had your eyes on something in those color schemes, stay tuned because there'll be some great deals! We promise it'll be loved by your little ones :) 

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