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All about the beech wood

Why have we chosen beech wood out of all the kinds of different woods that are out there? Well, first and foremost because it great for sore little gums and budding teeth to teeth on!  We use the absolute highest quality of beech wood for our products. Beech wood is eco friendly and actually naturally antibacterial when its left unfinished like ours. We also think the wood is prettier that way with its pale golden tone with those beautiful slightly darker veneers. Beech wood is also considered a slightly harder wood and has a very high shock resistance which is great when the purpose of it is to be played with by little ones! Our beech wood items are completely...

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So what are chew beads, actually?

We keep using the word ´Chew beads` as if it’s such a common word that everyone is familiar with. But what are they, actually? Chew beads are actually silicone beads - the word “chew beads” come from the fact that if the silicone is FDA approved, BPA free and CPSIA compliant like ours, it’s one of the best things for teething little babes to chew on! The silicone is soft and smooth for your little one’s gums which is very important as biting on hard toys or other items provides a risk that may cause damage to your little one’s incoming teeth, and that is something you obviously want to avoid. Not only are chew beads great for your little...

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The secrets of baby mamas purse!

So whats in baby mamas purse? Well, we all know there is a lot of stuff there, and by that I mean A LOT ;) So what is actually in there and what are the things you can’t live without? Here it is! Diapers - with a little one you you always need to be prepared for a diaper change regardless of where you are, either on a flight, shopping, dinner out or why not when your car breaks down on the freeway in rush hour - you name it! Baby wipes - for the obvious reason but also because they are serious lifesavers for almost everything, stains on clothes that just magically appeared, hands full of crayon after a...

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Thoughts from a first-time mom to be

“... so close and yet so so far away” 39+2... That means my due-date is just around the corner. It’s so close and yet so so far away – especially knowing that our little baby girl might not join us before up to 10 days after the due-date. To me, the wait seems completely and utterly impossible right now! I’ve been waiting for so long and it has actually been kind of easy because I’ve been working, but what now?! On maternity leave, there’s nothing left but the wait. As my maternity leave is during the summer holiday, most of my friends are gone to all kinds of excotic places. Everyone is telling me “enjoy a good night’s sleep while...

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Our best summer fun with little ones!

What to do with a whole long summer with little ones? Well here are some great affordable tips (some of them are even free!) for all mamas out there!   A classic favorite is of course to do a beach or lake day if you live in within driving distance from water. Bring some snacks, towels, swimsuits, extra clothes, beach toys and sunscreen or/and uv-suits and you will hit right on for a lovely day! If you don't want to do a full on beach day, splash pads are a great substitute! The kids get to run around and splash in water on the playground or park, which is fun cool and refreshing for your little ones on a hot...

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