At byBabyBubbles we understand how important safety is and we are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality products. All of our products have been safety tested and are compliant with current ASTM, CPSIA and CE regulations.

All of our beads are 100% food grade silicone (similar to pacifiers and bottle nipples) and FDA approved as well as:

  • BPA free
  • phthalate free
  • cadmium free
  • lead free
  • mercury free
  • toxic free
  • PVC free
  • latex free
  • free of any metals
  • no smell or taste
  • wont stain or puncture
  • will not support growth of bacteria, fungus or mold
  • easy to wash with mild soap and lukewarm water, or with a wipe
  • feels gentle on babies gums and emerging teeth

We use beautiful hardwood rings and beads that are all-natural and untreated. They are all:

  • Chemical free
  • Completely smooth and splinter free
  • Easy to wash with mild soap and lukewarm water, or with a baby wipe
  • Let dry thoroughly before storing 

The satin cord that ties the beads together is water resistant and won't mold, fray or deteriorate.

Our products come wrapped in a 100% Pure Cotton Bag. This makes them perfect for gifting at birthdays, baby showers, and holidays. The item is washed but please give it a rinse before first use. Avoid submerging silicone or wood pieces in water.

Please, keep in mind that colors can vary slightly between computer monitors and screens. 


  • Adult supervision is always required.
  • Babies/toddlers should not be left unattended with beaded items.
  • Pacifier clips can be a risk for strangulation, never let a child sleep with a pacifier on
  • Please ensure that either a Pacifier or one of our Teething Toys is attached to the loop end while your baby is using a pacifier clip. The loop is long enough to cause gagging if taken too far into the mouth (if there is nothing attached on the end). While your baby will not choke, she/he will not appreciate the feeling of the loop end reaching far back in his/her mouth.
  • Necklaces are intended to be worn by adults only. Do not leave baby unattended with jewelry.
  • Regularly check for any damage to teething the items. If the beads, cord, or rings are damaged discontinue use.
  • Buyer assumes all responsibility.




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